Grit Dora is a polaroid photographer and multidisciplinary artist based in Germany/North Sea

Available for hire. Fine art prints available. For inquiries, please email Grit Dora directly at:

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group exhibitions

2024 – WOD – billboard campaign, Neumarkt Dresden, Theme: Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
2023 – ImageNation Paris – Paris Photo Off, Galerie Joseph Le Palais,
2023 – Deutsche Sofortbild Kunst, Kunstbunker Bochum
2023 – IntInstantCologne, Int’l Instant Art Expo, The Stage Gallery, Köln
2023 – WOD – billboard campaign, Wettiner Platz Dresden, Theme: Whose War, Whose Peace
2023 – Mint Camera




2024 – Photodarium, polaroid calendar with three Polaroids
2023 – Catalogue IntInstantCologne, Int’l Instant Art Expo

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